Living fair

Loving organic

Having fun

The Oppi Way:

#1 Thoughtfully sourcing fabrics

#2 Designing every detail beautifully

#3 Supporting the charity Tutela Africa in Mozambique

#4 Keeping things small and personal

I've always enjoyed sewing - my mum taught me how to when I was 4. I come alive when I am traveling - but seeing the poverty in Mozambique broke my heart. I love to learn and find things out - but discovering some of the awful practices within the textile industry changed my view on fashion.

I started Oppi Design so that in a small way I might be able to make a difference. My appreciation for quality products made in an ethical way which also support families less fortunate than my own has become my motivation.

Every Oppi product is made from organic, fairtrade or upcycled fabrics. For every item sold I give 10% of the sale price to Tutela Africa; a charity working to establish the first fostercare homes in Mozambique.

If you would like to find out more about Oppi, you can me an email at and follow Oppi Design on Instagram for the occasional update.

Jane Trentham, Designer